Episode 136: Making Decisions that EMPOWER You


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Bestselling author and speaker MK Mueller talks about how to get past the personal fears or limiting belief obstacles, in order to make every decision and know it’s the right one for you. One aspect of “How to Take Back Your Power and Re-Energize Your Life” is facing your fears and making the decision in spite of them, because when we step into our power to make the decision proactively, rather than waiting reactively, it’s an energizing and empowering day.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask yourself, “If I had no fear what would I do?” Take a look at the area in your life that is giving you the most challenge, and simply ask yourself that question.


MK Mueller


  • International Trainer
  • National Speaker
  • Best Selling Author
  • Award Winning Teacher
  • Award Winning Actress

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