Episode 138: The EMPOWERING Attitude


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Bestselling author and speaker MK Mueller talks about how to stop blaming and complaining (BC) in yourself and others, which only causes us to give our power away. Instead she teaches us how to keep ourselves empowered by acting and dreaming (AD). The happiest, healthiest, and most successful people move from BC to AD.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Realize you’re giving your power away in BC, and move from BC (Blaming and Complaining) to AD (Acting and Dreaming). Simply noticing when you are blaming and complaining is going to be transforming because awareness is always 90% of empowerment. Just being aware that you are doing something will make the change for you. Keep track of how often you blame and complain on a note card, or mentally, and as soon as you realize you are giving your power away, you’ll stop.

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  • Award Winning Teacher
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