Episode 140: How to Take Back Your Power and Re-Energize Your Life


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In this recap of Episodes 136-139 bestselling author MK Mueller shares tips and strategies from her book “How to Take Back Your Power and Re-Energize Your Life.”

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Episode 136 Topic: Making Decisions that EMPOWER You

1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask yourself, “If I had no fear what would I do?” Take a look at the area in your life that is giving you the most challenge, and simply ask yourself that question.

Episode 137 How To Get Your POWER Back

1 Simple Thing Action:

Every morning before getting out of bed just affirm by saying; “I am fully powerful, fully energized right now. And I will continue to be until I allow thoughts that make me think that I don’t have power. So rather than allow those thoughts in I am simply going to affirm my own power, my own energy, my own enthusiasm for life. And as thoughts come up that want to take our power away I’ll say; ‘Nope. This is what it is, there’s nothing I can do about it. But I absolutely don’t have to give my power away to it.'” That simple decision not to give away our power, not to choose thoughts that feel bad but choose thoughts that feel good, will make all the difference. Ask yourself, “Where am I giving my power away today?” and, “Is it worth it?”

Episode 138 The EMPOWERING Attitude

1 Simple Thing Action:

Realize you’re giving your power away in BC, and move from BC (Blaming and Complaining) to AD (Acting and Dreaming). Simply noticing when you are blaming and complaining is going to be transforming because awareness is always 90% of empowerment. Just being aware that you are doing something will make the change for you. Keep track of how often you blame and complain on a note card, or mentally, and as soon as you realize you are giving your power away, you’ll stop.

Episode 139 The World’s Most Powerful Positive Attitude Formula: FGH

1 Simple Thing Action:

Share 3 new gratitude each day with someone. In the morning share 3 things you are grateful for from the past 24 hours with no repeats. When you forget, just FGH yourself.


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