Episode 144: Now Matters


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Bestselling author Peter Voogd talks about why NOW matters in attaining the success you’ve dreamed of. The #1 reason people aren’t achieving the success they’re truly capable of is they’ve never told themselves NOW matters. This ‘someday’ mentality is killing so many dreams and goals. In fact, Peter puts it near the top of the list of reasons why our society is filled with regret, frustration, stress, and unfulfilled potential. Unfortunately a lot of people live on “Someday Isle.”“Someday I’ll be successful…” Get off the “Someday I’ll” island. Expect more for yourself and understand that if you want to be successful it starts with urgency and understanding now matters more than ever.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask yourself 3 questions every morning:”What am I grateful for?”“What I am committing to make happen no matter what?” And, “What am I excited about?”Truly successful people wake up every day and focus on what they want, focus on being grateful, focus on what they are excited about, and focus on actually getting results that are intentional. Doing this for a couple of days will give you the motivation, the momentum, and the progress you’ll need to continue going forward. So wake up with passion, energy, and excitement.


Peter Voogd


  • Founder & CEO of RealVipSuccess
  • Founder of The Game Changers Academy
  • Best Selling Author
  • Entrepreneur

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