Episode 179: Develop a Winning MINDSET

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Author and speaker Mike Robbins talks about having the proper mindset at all times. Our mindset has a lot to do with how do we approach life. How do we approach challenges? How do we approach opportunities? How do we approach “good times” and “bad times.” Learning to harness a proper mindset and choosing to focus on things you can control will eliminate most of the stress we put on ourselves.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask yourself the question, “Why is this happening FOR me?” (not TO me) in anything difficult or challenging you are dealing with. Have that conversation with people. Write it down in your journal and seriously think about it. Another thing to do is to make a list of some things that are stressful or difficult from the big to the small. And as you start to list those things ask yourself, “Can I control this or can’t I?” Focusing on what you can control changes your mindset, attitude, and effort.

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