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Are you the kind of person who hopes things happen? Or are you the kind of person who makes things happen? On today’s show Dave Kirby reflects on conversations with Jeff Sanders on episodes 351-354. He also shares his own thoughts on living life intentionally.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 351: Forget Annual Goal Setting

1 Simple Thing Action:
Schedule major projects on a quarterly basis. Make a list of what you want to achieve in the next three months. It has to be very specific on the goals you want in your life. Then begin to break down the process of all the little steps needed to get you there.

Episode 352: The IDEAL Morning Routine

1 Simple Thing Action:
Design your ideal morning routine on paper. The first step is deciding your bedtime, which dictates your morning wake-up time. The second step is to write down what your routine means to you. What is the actual goal of your morning routine? Get very detailed and specific, like actions in 10-minute chunks if you have to. The idea is intentionality.

Episode 353: Equilibrium Zero

1 Simple Thing Action:
Get to Equilibrium Zero once a day (Inbox Zero, Desktop Zero, Home Base Zero, Project Management Zero). Begin your day creating a physical space that is clean and organized and ready to begin your first project.

Episode 354: Rewind Your Week

1 Simple Thing Action:
Prioritize and schedule a thorough review once a week, preferably in a location where you can be alone and totally focus on thinking about how your week is going to go. You can even write down a specific list of processes you use for your review and follow that process every single week.


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