Episode 454: Protect Your Personal Power Hours

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Professional organizer Marcia Ramsland talks about your individual “power hours,” or the time of day you work at peak capacity, focus, and productivity. Typically it’s one to two hours, and you have to know when they occur. Otherwise, you’ll be zigging and zagging and reacting all day. Determine a particular, intentional point that is a power time in your week.

Also, when is your best time where you’re most alert to talk to people? Plan meetings during these times when you’ll be most ready to interact with others. Then, and probably most importantly, what is your determined relationship time with your loved ones? It’s critical for success that we put an emphasis and guard those power hours in our lives while everything else funnels around it.

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Identify your 3 Key Personal Power Hours, including your peak work time, client meeting time, and family time and let everything else funnel around them. They are what make you successful every day.

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