Episode 244: More Balance, Less Stress

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On Today’s Show

Dr. Pete Sulack talks about strategies to start your day well balanced. When we live margin-less lives, we set ourselves up for failure. Dr. Sulack’s strategy is to begin to set up boundaries with your relationships, your work, and with the foods you eat. Planning accordingly in advance will go a long way in helping you have a balanced life.  And it’s important to have balance so that our body can recover from the stresses of our lives.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

  • You will burn out if all you do is work.
  • Keep a balance between your work, your family, your community, and your own needs.
  • Keep balanced physically with movement and exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep.
  • Keep balanced spiritually by taking time to enjoy spiritual pursuits and time in nature.
  • A person who is well balanced is more resilient in the face of stress, and is a pleasure to work with.

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