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Stress to Calm in 3 Seconds

We all have stressful times in our lives. If we're not careful, that stress can develop into anxiety, panic attacks and other limiting effect. Plus, we've all heard of the damaging effects of long-term stress on our bodies and our health. This article from Psych [...]

Here’s your wake up call

Here's a fact: When you don't get enough sleep, your relationships, health and your performance all suffer. You think you're getting away with it, but you're not. This article from Fast Company is eye opening.

It’s Not A Warm Hug, But It’ll Do

As a society, we are chronically and dangerously tired. Our lack of sleep has risen to epidemic proportions. And research shows very clearly that lack of sleep damages our health, productivity and quality of life. If insomnia or anxiety are keeping you up at night, [...]

Keep Calm and Holiday On

Ah, the holiday season. Awkward family gatherings, parties, fighting over parking spots, crowded malls, too much to buy, too little money, cooking, hyperactive kids. It's the most wonderful time of the year, huh? It's little secret that the holidays are enough stress to crack even [...]

Simple Ways to Invite Calm Into Your Life

Stress is becoming a way of life in our modern world. Modern technology was supposed to make life easier. It has broken that promise and instead has left us more to do with less time to do it. Just because the world around you is [...]

Don’t Feel Guilty for Sleeping

I used to joke, "You can get a lot done in the 8 hours per night everyone else is sleeping." I used to take pride in long hours, little sleep, and working harder than everyone else. But not anymore. All that recipe got me was [...]