Episode 180: Getting Out of Your Own Way

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Author and coach Mike Robbins shares valuable insights about gratitude, self-compassion, authenticity, and mindset. He shares wisdom and advice based on his book “Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way”

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 176: The POWER of Gratitude

1 Simple Thing Action:
Keep a gratitude journal. Write 5 things everyday you’re grateful for.

Episode 177: Cut Yourself Some Slack

1 Simple Thing Action:
Be kind to yourself. Stop focusing so much on the outcome of what we’re doing, and acknowledge ourselves for the courage it takes just to show up and get in the game. Whether we succeed or fail, acknowledging ourselves for just showing up can give us more confidence to keep showing up, and eventually start mastering whatever we’re doing.

Episode 178: Embracing AUTHENTICITY

1 Simple Thing Action:
Embrace vulnerability. Make that personal connection with people. One of the things we can do to practice vulnerability and even authenticity is, as simple as it sounds, make eye contact with people. Connect with people on a human level, even with people we don’t know or like and see how that feels. See if we can find more common ground and more ways we’re similar to people than we may think.

Episode 179: Develop a Winning MINDSET

1 Simple Thing Action:
Ask yourself the question, “Why is this happening FOR me?” (not TO me) in anything difficult or challenging you are dealing with. Have that conversation with people. Write it down in your journal and seriously think about it. Another thing to do is to make a list of some things that are stressful or difficult from the big to the small. And as you start to list those things ask yourself, “Can I control this or can’t I?” Focusing on what you can control changes your mindset, attitude, and effort.


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