Episode 210: Fire Your Excuses

It's time to fire your excuses let Dr. Bill Dyment show you how. Click here. "Fire Your Excuses"

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Author and speaker Dr. Bill Dyment says it is possible to get more, be more and live more. But first we have to “fire our excuses.” Dave recaps and highlights key principles of what Dr. Bill Dyment shared all week, based on  his book “Fire Your Excuses.”

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 206: Don’t Try Harder, Get More Connected

1 Simple Thing Action:
Make a list each week and make it your goal to seek out 3 or 4 contacts with individuals who will challenge you with the truth and to take action on what you need to get done. (Hint: These contacts can’t be all with the same person.)

Episode 207: Do What You CAN Do

1 Simple Thing Action:
Ask yourself each morning, “It’s true, I am ______ (busy, lacking funds, feeling or dealing with this or that) but what could I STILL do today?” Then do it!

Episode 208: Walk the Last Mile of Denial

1 Simple Thing Action:
Use a simple self-monitoring technique to do a 2-week test at how you are living your life in a particular area of concern. If you are worried about where your time is going, write down how you are spending your time for two weeks. If you are worried about your finances, keep track of them for two weeks. For health use an app to enter what you eat for two weeks. By doing this, you will notice some patterns and it will start to break that denial.

Episode 209: Experience the “Helper’s High”

1 Simple Thing Action:
Start by creating your own signature style of encouraging others. Design a postcard you can send to friends, clients and colleagues that will make a lasting impact. Or, think about one simple small action you can take weekly or even daily that will become your way of serving others.


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